Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Antique in Columbia, SC

This antique china cabinet fell victim to a burst pipe in the attic that put off such a vast amount of water that the ceiling fell through. Covered in water, so... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in Columbia, SC

This fallen ceiling in Columbia, SC was the result of a pipe burst in the attic of a one story home. A considerable amount of water then flooded the insulation ... READ MORE

Cupped Floors in Chapin, SC

Hardwood flooring is designed to withstand minimal moisture levels. When it comes in contact with excessive levels of moisture it will "cup" and with improper d... READ MORE

Hidden Mold in Irmo, SC

An ice machine caused quite the dilemma for this Irmo, SC home. SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork received a call for standing water in the kitchen area that originated... READ MORE

Spore Growth Discovery in Columbia, SC

We received a call from one of our local insurance agents that endured a toilet leak in their personal home. In the process of water extraction and flooring rem... READ MORE

Molded Basement in Chapin, SC

This sub-story office space endured water damage from a leaking pipe in the shower. This space is not used frequently by the homeowner so it was not detected im... READ MORE

Mold Consumes Pool House in Columbia, SC

This colorful wall is the result of a water leak that went untreated. The homeowner discovered a leak within the pool house, the water was turned off and the do... READ MORE

Floor Refinish in Chapin, SC

This Chapin, SC home experienced a leak in its ceiling that caused secondary damage to a small area of hardwood flooring. While the affected area was relatively... READ MORE

Leaking Sink in Chapin, SC

The proud owners of this Chapin, SC home found standing water surrounding their bar area. The sink supply line began to leak shortly after their home was painte... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling in Chapin, SC

SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork received a call about some ceiling damage in a nearby Chapin, SC home. Upon arrival our technicians discovered the HVAC unit located i... READ MORE