Recent Before & After Photos

Soot Removed from Windows

This home in Fripp Island, SC is in the process of a complete clean and restoration, following a fire that began under the home. Soot removal is a delicate proc... READ MORE

Crawlspace Cleanup

This customer discovered mold on almost all of the joists in their crawlspace. We were able to treat and remove the mold, leaving the crawlspace free of the vis... READ MORE

What Stain?!

Not only can we remove stains from your carpet and rugs, but upholstery as well! This beautiful light-colored sofa began to show a dark stain from frequent use.... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Leaves Big Mess

A fast-acting homeowner smelled smoke and began to feel the walls. When a hot-spot was discovered within a wall, 911 was called. First Responders were able to o... READ MORE

Soot Stained Windowsill Comes Clean

A home fire left soot on several hard to clean surfaces in this coastal South Carolina home. Our IICRC Certified Technicians were able to make it look brand new... READ MORE

Attic Fire Causes Major Face-Lift

An fire that began in the attic of this home called for a major face-lift. Due to the extent of the fire damage to the structural integrity of the home, replace... READ MORE

Pesky Pet Urine Stains

A customer wanted their wool rug cleaned after noticing some stains and a slight odor. Upon inspecting the rug we discovered an old pet urine stain that had not... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in Columbia, SC

Dusting is a chore most of us despise, but, it offers satisfying results! The dust you remove from your furniture and other surfaces will continue to reappear u... READ MORE

Weathering the Storm, During the Storm

Storm damage is difficult to prepare for and even more difficult to prevent. During the summer months, it's not uncommon for severe storms to pop up seemingly o... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning in Columbia, SC

If your office experiences any volume of outside visitors you know how important it is for your space to look nice! A clean, organized office is significantly m... READ MORE