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Sewage Backups Really Stink!

A corporate building in Columbia SC experienced a bit of a stinky situation.... A drain in one of their storage rooms backed up, flooding the hallways, offices ... READ MORE

Cupped Floors in Chapin, SC

Hardwood flooring is designed to withstand minimal moisture levels. When it comes in contact with excessive levels of moisture it will "cup" and with improper d... READ MORE

Sink Leaks in Columbia Department Store

A water supply line in the bathroom sink caused some minor flooding in a Columbia department store. Unfortunately because of potential safety hazards the store ... READ MORE

Hidden Mold in Irmo, SC

An ice machine caused quite the dilemma for this Irmo, SC home. SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork received a call for standing water in the kitchen area that originated... READ MORE

Office Water Damage in Irmo, SC

Employees at a local office knew there were storms in the overnight forecast, but none of them predicted they would face the aftermath in their work space! A ro... READ MORE

Spore Growth Discovery in Columbia, SC

We received a call from one of our local insurance agents that endured a toilet leak in their personal home. In the process of water extraction and flooring rem... READ MORE

Bathroom Renovations in Chapin, SC

This home caught fire in Chapin, SC and SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork was quick to respond. Our franchise is a start to finish location with the ability to tackle a... READ MORE

Antiques Restored in Irmo, SC

SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork responded to a house fire in Irmo, SC that presented a special set of circumstances. The homeowners asked us to help salvage antiques ... READ MORE

Molded Basement in Chapin, SC

This sub-story office space endured water damage from a leaking pipe in the shower. This space is not used frequently by the homeowner so it was not detected im... READ MORE

Florence Floods Hampstead, NC

Typically we receive calls from homeowners and insurance agents in need of our services for their property or in reference to a home under one of their policies... READ MORE